Increasing awareness that food format and food structure have a significant effect on the bio-availability of nutrients has shifted the focus for development of nutritional guidelines away from the more traditional approach of simply examining the nutrient composition of foods.


The 2013 Food Structures, Digestion and Health international conference presents a unique opportunity to bring together food industry professionals, and world leading scientists – from diverse disciplines including food science, nutrition, digestive behaviour, genetics, medical science and engineering with a common interest in food design that delivers better nutrition and improves consumer wellbeing.

The conference will offer researchers and industry professionals the opportunity to network across disciplines, form research collaborations and partnerships, and develop joint research initiatives capable of delivering diet reformulation strategies which promote consumer health and wellbeing. Students will also be provided the opportunity to present their research to leading scientists.

Selected papers will be published in a special issue, dedicated to research presented at the conference, of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s journal, Food & Function. FoodStructuresHealthDigestionConference-2013-Logo-WhiteOnOliveGreen